Buttonholes I made by hand using Agreman gimp.

I have some very sad news. Agreman Gimp is no longer.

A friend reached out to see where I was buying my gimp these days. I had stocked up a while ago so hadn’t bought any in a while. I once did a group buy of gimp for people so since I figured I would reach out to Gutermann to buy some boxes and set up a little web store in the US to distribute it. I was told IT HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED!

I knew of a company in Italy that made (or perhaps rebranded and sold) the gimp and they, too, told me that their product had been discontinued.

So if anybody knows of any company anywhere in the world that still makes a decent buttonhole gimp, do let me know, If need be I will buy it in bulk and resell it to tailors around the world.

EDIT- I am grateful for the readers who have posted links to sites selling what remains of the Agreman gimp in Europe so anybody who needs some can stock up before it is gone! I am still looking for a manufacturer of gimp for future orders once those stocks have been depleted. I hope I can find some!


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  1. Those buttonholes are spectacular! I really like seeing every thread, and knot. I’ve seen gimp with different numbers after it, for example, #2, #4 and #8. Are any of these the preferred thread for buttonholes? Thank you for posting.

  2. Jeffrey
    Your buttonholes are some of the most exquisite art found on clothing today. It’s a shame more bespoke makers aren’t investing the time to follow your example. And doubly so that the demand for gimp threatens to make this art extinct.

  3. I have been looking for gimp all over only to now find out that it has been discontinued, for whatever reason. I am only young but it is ashame that traditional ways of making bespoke clothing are going extinct. 🙁

  4. Are there any updates to this? Perhaps new products to succeed Agreman? It would be so terrible if this was the end of the gimp.

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