An Important Clarification


The response from people wanting to help and contribute time and materials to help fight the Corona Virus has, honestly, been overwhelming. This effort was put together modestly and only expected a few dozen, maybe a hundred, participants – there are now well over 6,000 individuals reaching out and offering to help. So much so, there’s concern the email server will crash!

This project is going viral as people and companies from around the nation are reaching out. It turns out, when people are sent home from work they’ve got lots of time on their hands and want to feel like they’re doing SOMETHING productive to help instead of counting the days in isolation! It is heartwarming and motivating to read the messages from people, old and young alike, offering to assist – gratitude!

People are also clamoring for information, ACCURATE information especially. Unfortunately, some things have been misreported and need to be corrected for the record. This Work From Home project is being spearheaded by R. Jeffery Diduch and his private company “Robert Jeffery.” Jeffery is a long time senior manufacturing executive, technical & fashion designer, and pattern maker.

When he received a call from Rochester General Hospital about their critical shortage of masks asking if there was anything he could think of to do, Jeffery sprang into action.

From the basement studio in his home in Perinton he drafted patterns, researched and sourced mask and gown components, made prototypes, and held video conference calls with suppliers and manufacturers coordinating efforts around the country, and sharing information.

Purchases of industrial amounts of components, like the elastic ties, are being financed out of his private funds and business account and are being shipped to his residence.

Jeffery’s husband and business partner, Biff Boswell, created the email address and the website on the Robert Jeffery servers. Biff has been working around the clock to enable Jeffery to focus exclusively on product development.

Video filmed of Jeffery working on or discussing the effort to make face masks and hospital gowns was in Jeffery’s studio, or atelier, in his private residence.

News reporters were specifically informed in interviews and in preparatory conversations this was a self-funded project and still reported inaccurate information.

Robert Jeffery and the Work From Home project is working with its new network of home sewers and with manufacturing facilities and suppliers in a coordinated effort and partnership as separate, independent entities.