Making Masks at Home

There are two basic types of surgical masks- one that has elastic ear loops and one that has longer ties.  While the elastic is easier to put on and take off, the elastic can eventually irritate the ear over long-term usage so for comfort, the tie-back style is preferred.  It is important to understand that a proper surgical mask hasRead More

flatten the curve chart

We’re Back! (After We Flattened Our Curve)

In response to the most recent guidance from the CDC (Apr 3, 2020) suggesting EVERYONE wear a “cloth face covering” (face mask), we are reactivating our project. (We had suspended the project once FEMA got involved and reactivated professional manufacturing facilities.) However, masks were already in short supply and this announcement only increases demand on that limited supply. We canRead More

Rosie the Welder

Progress Report! – Days 1-4

While on quarantine it’s easy to forget what day of the week it is – it’s Sunday! We’re moving very, very quickly and aggressively to begin local production runs of face masks and hospital gowns for use by Rochester General Hospital (RGH) and other hospitals in the area. The hospital tells us they go through 10-15,000 face masks a day!Read More

An Important Clarification

PROJECT LED BY R. JEFFERY DIDUCH OF “ROBERT JEFFERY” The response from people wanting to help and contribute time and materials to help fight the Corona Virus has, honestly, been overwhelming. This effort was put together modestly and only expected a few dozen, maybe a hundred, participants – there are now well over 6,000 individuals reaching out and offering toRead More

Jeffery Measures Surgical Mask

Sew From Home

Got a sewing machine? Got a serger? We need your to help fight the virus! We just left a meeting with Rochester General Hospital about making our front line doctors and nurses face masks and hospital gowns. We can’t reopen the factory for safety reasons so we need home sewers – you! We’re in the process of sourcing raw materials,Read More