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Jeffery Measures Surgical Mask

Got a sewing machine? Got a serger? We need your to help fight the virus! We just left a meeting with Rochester General Hospital about making our front line doctors and nurses face masks and hospital gowns. We can’t reopen the factory for safety reasons so we need home sewers – you!

We’re in the process of sourcing raw materials, drafting contracts, and putting together our game plan. I’ve established this website to serve as our hub where patterns and video instructions will be posted.

If you would like to sign up to sew, please fill out the form here:

I will give more information as I get it.

This is a quickly expanding into a national effort coordinated out of Rochester, NY.


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  1. I have a alteration and custom sewing business, specializing in Bridal alterations. If I can help with masks please let me know. I have been making them on my own the past week. Thank you!

    1. I have a Singer sewing machine, am a retired Postmaster and would volunteer to make masks.

    2. I have both a serger and a sewing machine…please forward me more info when you can. I emailed you previously

      Michele Romano

    3. My Bobbie McGee I work for this company for 7 year I would like to help now I work for ABVI can sew

    4. I have a sewing machine – no serger but has a zigzag stitch. Would like to help

    1. I have 2 sewing machines and can sew masks with instructions and materials. I am eager to help.

    2. I have both sewing machine and serger and would love to be involved in this. Just need the specs.

  2. I have some people that may be able to help out with this. Where would we need to drop off the masks? Also, I don’t have fabric, elastic or thread, but I do have many people interested in helping. Please advise.
    Thank you,

    1. Thank you Jeffery! I am stuck at home and more than willing to help. I originally signed up via your email published in the D&C. Also, signed up on your site. Ya know the old belt and suspenders ploy ; ) Count me in, have been sewing for 50 years and was much involved in the international “Dress a Girl” project, with over 50 dresses under my “belt”.

  3. I have a machine my granddaughter and I would love to help any way we can!! I do have a question what is a serger?

  4. I have a sewing machine and can help. No serger though. I would need a pattern to follow. Would need supplies.

  5. I wrote you earlier – In addition to fabric and a sewing machine, I also have a serger.

  6. Would luv to help. Just left Joanne fabric/Penfield w/tons of supplies & a pattern!

  7. I have a sewing machine and can sew! Willing to make masks! Just need fabric and instructions!

  8. I can make gowns from old sheets. Should I ask neighbors for sheets? polyester blends okay or do you need 100%cotton?
    I have 9 masks almost completed already, too.
    50 yrs experience sewing.

  9. I am non essential at Xerox and home with a sewing machine. I have experience sewing snowmobile and boat seats. My wife works at RGH and would love to help out

  10. i have a sewing machine or 2 and would be glad to sew up facial masks. send them on.
    i have sewed for years – – also have a serger.

  11. I have a sewing machine and friends with sewing machines!! Email me a pattern. Where do we get fabric and elastic ?? We usually are a bunch of quilters so not many of us have elastic but we will have some scrap fabric!

  12. I have a sewing machine, but no serger. I do know how to sew. Would love to help.

  13. I sew and have two sewing machines and a serger. I know several who sew and will send them the info also. I absolutely want to help asap.

  14. I have worked as a seamstress for many years . I have a sewing machine and a serger
    I also belong to Daughters of the American Revolution and am an advisor for Children of the American Revolution I am sure I can get some of the other ladies to volunteer
    How would we supplies and instructions?

  15. I have a sewing machine and also a serger. I just retired from Strong hospital last month. Would be happy to help.

  16. Ready to help. Will need pattern or dimensions and material description.
    Video on assembly.

  17. I have both a Serger and Sewing Machine I have over 44 years experience with sewing. I also gave 2 Embroidery Machine’s. Please let me know if I can help with making masks

  18. I have a sewing machine and would be happy to help make the masks. Please let me know the procedure when you have it approved. Thank you! I will pass this on to my sewing friends.

  19. I have a sewing machine but not a serger. Just sent this to my quilting group. We are ready to help.

  20. I have many years of sewing experience. i currently only have a sewing machine. i have used a serger in the past.

  21. I have a Bernina Sewing machine with serger capacities. I would love to help as I have several family members on the “Front line” at Rochester General and FFThompson Hospitals

  22. I have a singer patchwork I can do some madks Just need materials and instructions please let me know

  23. In Rochester (Brighton) NY

    Long time sewist, have machine.

    I’m sheltering in place due to age (65), but could drive by to pick up materials.

  24. I can sew a bit more than basic. I have a basic machine, no serger. Please let me know if I can help!

  25. I live in Rochester and would love to sew masks. I have done alterations for years and now design and sell sewing patterns. I have two sewing machines and a serger.

    I previously sent a separate email before I saw this form. So I’m covering all bases.

    Thank you for doing this!

  26. I will sew. Daughter working at Pluta cancer center…I can sew patterns, have excellent machine but no server. If necessary will obtain one. Please advise asap.

  27. Would be glad to volunteer if you still need help. Thanks for coming up with materials to help the hospital protect the staff.

  28. I sew very well. I could make some as well. Let me know what I need to do. God bless you!

  29. I am able to help. I’ve taught sewing in the middle school for years. I have a sewing machine that can finish seams with a zig-zag but not a serger.

  30. I have a sewing machine and a serger. I have many years of sewing experience. I’d like to help.

  31. I have a sewing machine and serger. I would be willing to help. I know other people who would be willing to help too.

  32. I sent an email to the listed address and am happy to help! I have a sewing machine and serger and time!

  33. I have a sewing machine, no serger, but my sewing machine will do a finished edge.

  34. I am an accomplished seamstress and am ready to help. I have a conventional home sewing machine but no serger. I will await further instructions.

  35. I have sewing machine and would love to help. Could also drive to pick up fabric and deliver to others.

  36. Hi. I speak for two of us. Between us we have three machines and three sergers. E-mailed you also. We would love to help! Please contact us.

    1. Hi. I have a sewing machine but not a serger. If you are comfortable with it, perhaps I could borrow the third serger to work on the masks (or gowns). I am eager to help.

  37. Have sewing machine. No serger. Will make masks. Retired nurse. Glad to do something positive.

  38. I have 5 sewing machines and serger. Many friends who sew too. Would be happy to sew masks or gowns. Have sewn garments before.

  39. I have a sewing machine, but not a serger. I can volunteer my time to help. I have no commitments.

  40. I have a sewing machine but no serger. I can sew, will need a pattern/sample, fabric.

  41. I have a sewing machine; not a serger. Would like to help.

    Would materials possibly be provided?

  42. could you please share the pattern, and suggest the best fabrics to use. Thank you

  43. I would love to help. I have lots of fabric, good machine, no serger. Please send pattern. I use to sew a lot.

  44. Waiting for instructions. My sewing machine and serger are ready for action. I have a grandson whole can help also. He is seventeen and needs an Eagle Scout project.

  45. Happy to help. Have both sewing machine and serger. Having worked in the health care field for 35+ years, I know how important these supplies are.

  46. Hi, I have a few sewing machines, and would be happy to help. I sew everyday making doll clothes, so I’m sure with instructions I could make masks. Please let me know.
    Donna Bergstresser

  47. I have a sewing machine and want to help. Need all materials needed to see the mask.

  48. Hi, Wondering if you could post the instructions for the mask and tyoe of material on line so that we could make the mask. thank you

  49. I have a sewing machine and want to help. Need all materials needed to see the mask.

  50. The sooner I get started the better. Hospitals desperately need help. I can work all day.

  51. I sew, quilt and have an emroidery machine. No serger – although I think I need one now! I have friends working at RGH and Strong.

    Also a room full of cotton fabric if it can help.
    Need whatever patterns and supplies you have and would love to help!

  52. I am sharing this with a large group of quilters! They also sew for the Quilts of Valor organization! Please consider contacting that national group of quilters to help.

  53. I have emailed you and am ready to go. I have 25 homemade Deaconess pattern fabric masks and have 18 more cut and ready to sew. Please let me know how I can help and where to drop off.

  54. This is brilliant!

    Question, are there any issues for folks who own pets? Try as I might, pet fur tracks everywhere.

  55. Ready to assist! I have a sewing machine but not a serger. Please let me know how I can Help!

  56. I here to volunteer. No serger, but sewing machine and years of experience.

  57. When your ready, I’m ready. Looks like Rochester NY has a great Rossie The Riveter army ready to go!

  58. i can relearn. haven’t used either serger or sewing machine in years. count me in!

  59. I just ordered a singer sewing machine should have it next week and willing to help make masks.

  60. What is a serger? Will Zigzag ability to keep ends from fraying work?
    I have a Singer 401A. Currently set for heavier material. What is the weight of the material?

  61. I am a home quilter, and embroidered
    I have several machines and a serger. Willing to help

  62. My husband and I are very willing to help. We have a sewing machine but no serger. Wonderful idea.

  63. Interested in helping and have a sewing machine, but I don’t have a serger or know anything about that.

  64. I want to help! I’m a former Design Assistant at Hickey Freeman, made clothes/patterns for major motion pictures and then specialized in wedding gowns. I sold my commercial machines but can dust off my home machines. I have two daughters and the three of us would like to help however we possibly can. Thank you for organizing this!

  65. I am willing to help in sewing Whatever is needed and have broadcast to neighbors to help.

  66. I am available to sew for the medical community. I have experience, a sewing machine, a serger, and lots of thread.

  67. I have a sewing machine but no serger.I am a quilter with many years of sewing experience. I do have a zig zag stitch that can be used on seams. I would love to help.

  68. I can sew and would be glad to help. However I do not have a serger. I would also be willing to cut out patterns if that is needed as well

  69. I have a sewing machine and would love the opportunity to help. I sent an email in response to the article in Saturday morning’s D&C. Thanks for coordinating this endeavor.

  70. I’m happy to help. I’ve been sewing for many years and have a machine.

  71. I have a sewing and I’m ready to help out with this project!!!! Just waiting on instructions

  72. Would love to help. Have a zigzag sewing machine. Just need the pattern and material.

  73. I have been looking to help make masks and my daughter just told me about this. I would love to help. I have been sewing for a zillion years and love it. Please sign me up for whatever you need.

    Thank you.

  74. I sent a reply and I am really looking forward to helping out I’ve been sewing for 15 years and have been making them for my daughter for her Veterinarian Hospital please send me the pattern that you use and what supplies you use

  75. Sewing machine is fueled and ready. She is revving her engine as we speak! Anxious to help with this project.

  76. I have sewing machine and serger need garment pattern can make masks. What type of fabric, just cotton ok?

  77. I have a sewing machine, I just need all the material, I’ll happy to help.

  78. I don’t have a serger, but I have a sewing machine that does zigzag etc. would love to help….my hands shake a bit, but I can sew straight.

  79. Signed up on-line this morning. I have a sewing machine and serger and will be glad to help out with this effort. Janey

  80. I have been making these for close family and friends that are now being MADE to wear these or they cannot come tonite to work. Please let me know how I can help!

  81. I would like to help as well, I have been sewing since high school. I have a regular sewing machine with zig zag stitch capabilities. Thank you!

  82. If you will provide instructions for making these masks, I will gladly help make them. I have a Bernina sewing machine and quite a bit of cotton fabric I am happy to donate.

  83. Will hou have a site where we can get curbside delivery of the supplies. Happy to drive to Rochester to pick up and drop off completed masks.

  84. I’m in Florida and would be happy to help I have high level sewing skills and a serger, sewing and overlock machines.
    Is this effort extending to Florida?

  85. I see that there are a lot of volunteers! That is fantastic! I would be happy to pitch in. I have been sewing for 30 years+, which includes several years at HF. I do have a straight stitch and serger sewing machine as well as a large sewing room. Ready to cut and sew

  86. I do have a straight stitch sewing machine and serger. Would love to pitch in!

  87. Just want to help. Have been a sewer my whole life. There is a teacher in Utica NY sewing masks from her own supplies. Should we start some of this until we receive pattern and materials from Hickey Freeman’s effort? Thank you for organizing this effort

  88. I have bins and bins of fabric and other sewing supplies (thread, elastic, etc….
    please let me know how I can help! I also have a serger and serger thread that I dont know how to use- willing to donate it.

  89. I would love to help. I have a singer sewing machine. Experience includes working at a flag company sewing fly hems. Also quilting and making crafts

  90. I’m a retired nurse, would like to volunteer to make masks from home. I don’t have a serger, have a singer w/a zizag.

  91. I would like to help. I have a sewing machine but no material.
    Is someone providing the materials necessary?

  92. I have a sewing machine not sure about it but maybe I can cut patterns to help

  93. I have a sewing machine and can sew. I don’t have a serger but I have a zigzag stitch. I am eager to help. I just need pattern. I have filled out the form and emailed previously.

  94. I would love to help!!! Just tell me how to get started. My sewing machine is oiled and ready to go.

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