Thanks Bob Lonsberry & Mary Chao!

Ever since we relocated to Rochester, New York back in 2016 we’ve been welcomed by the community and we love it more the longer we’re here!

Our upstate debut was televised nationally on April 2017 on HGTV’s House Hunters “A Room for Taxidermy in Rochester” (Season 126, Episode 4). That allowed us the opportunity to meet local media icons like Mary Chao, staff columnist at Democrat & Chronicle, and Bob Lonsberry, on-air talk show host at WHAM 1180 AM.

Designer Jeffery Diduch with his partner Biff Boswell on HGTV’s House Hunters in 2017.

We’ve maintained our friendship over the years and they helped get this movement off the ground and reach more people than I anticipated. Additionally, the attention has also brought us the help we need from key people (suppliers, manufacturers, government officials, etc.) to collaborate and better serve the needs of our medical personnel on the front lines of the battle with the Corona Virus.

Bob Lonsberry with Jeffery Diduch and Biff Boswell at an event in 2018 at Mendon Ponds.

Bob Lonsberry during Friday’s show on March 20 happened to be discussing on air the sewing of face masks at home at the same time we were in discussion with Rochester General Hospital. He put Jeffery on the air while Biff scrambled to create a new email address and website in time for the URL to be given on air!

Bob Lonsberry uses his social media account to spread the word

Not to be outdone, Mary Chao activated her reader and follower base through her own media channel at the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle to publish this call to action.

The D&C story by Mary Chao had over 3,000 shares on Facebook!

We’re very grateful to these local media icons for lending us their early support to get this project off the ground and for their continued efforts to educate, entertain, and inform the good people of Rochester!

Also, please give Mary Chao and her husband your thoughts and prayers as he was recently activated by the U.S. military to deploy in service of the national emergency in response to the Corona Virus.

Mary Chao sends off her husband, “The Marine”