Fitting Jeans

A follow-up to my last post, but this time aimed at the SW&D crowd. I have trouble finding jeans that fit. If your seat-to-waist ratio is greater than the six or seven inches that is industry standard or you have muscular legs, then you probably have similar issues. When I find a pair that fits in the seat and thighs, the waist is usually two inches too big. The last post was about adding dartsRead More

Drape, part 2

I have since found some things out about A&S and drape. I didn’t think that the full canvas would have been cut on the bias- Sator showed me a oage from Whife in which he indicates that it was, in fact, done on occasion, but I get the impression he did not favor it. Edwin DeBoise, of Steed (who is former A&S cutter) pointed out in a LL post that A&S only cut the chestRead More