Sport Sartorial suits for bodybuilders

Sport Sartorial

We took our new collection of Buffery-Flex Uniforms for a preview event at the NPC North Americans Pro Bodybuilding competition and at it we were approached by an IFBB Pro who loved what we were doing and wanted to work with us. He definitely had a honed sense of style and enjoyed fashion, and we thought he had a great look so agreed that we would love to work with him too. On our driveRead More

Tiled Plaid Textures for 3D and Graphics

A pattern than can be repeated over a garment either in a 3D application or in graphics like Adobe Illustrator or photoshop is known as a tileable or tiling pattern. In 3D applications it is known as a tiled texture. While plaids can seem like the more difficult of patterns to tile, they are actually one of the easiest, once you know how to do it. In this video I show three different pieces ofRead More

Buffery- Flex Uniforms

I am married to a former competitive bodybuilder. Buying clothing has always been a problem, so we decided to try to solve it. We started a clothing line on the side. Most products aimed at athletes and bodybuilders take themselves So. Very. Seriously. We didn’t want to do that. We wanted to be a little fun, a little silly, a little snarky, more than a little inspired by the comic book characters that inspired manyRead More


We will be announcing details of the next IACDE 3D summit very soon (the new logo gives a hint about the theme), but in the meantime, a sneak peak of how I made this new logo in Blender and Substance 3D Painter.

United States Olympic Team Uniform Brass sleeve button

Make easy custom buttons for Clo3D using Blender and Photoshop

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to easily model a custom brass button, then texture it and give it a raised logo effect with a displacement map made in Photoshop. It is a follow-up post to my last one, for people who aren’t using Substance Painter. Blender is completely free and can be downloaded from, and a 30-day trial license of Clo3D at It is best to have aRead More

United States Olympic Team Uniform Brass sleeve button

Make easy custom buttons using Blender and Adobe Substance Painter

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to easily model a custom brass button, texture it with a raised logo effect in Substance Painter, then register it as a new button in Clo3D. Blender is completely free and can be downloaded from You can get a 30-day trial license of Substance Painter at and a trial license of Clo3D at It is best to have a familiarity with BlenderRead More

Discover Artifex: Common Threads Podcast

I was recently contacted by an intriguing young man who wanted to speak with me for his podcast about tailors. I am usually leery of such things because I find most of these kinds of interviews quite dry and formulaic, but when we actually connected to plan for it, I found he was an enthusiastic and passionate person who had spent a few years in Italy learning the craft and meeting some very interesting people,Read More

Lighting Your Renders

I briefly discussed using rim lights in my IACDE project and it was something I wanted to do an in-depth post on. Getting your renders to look great and believable depends a lot on using the same kind of lighting techniques as a photographer would. I have recently been playing with Keyshot, an amazing tool that lets you light a scene the same way you would in a studio. The Samuelsohn scene was done withRead More

Making Displacement Maps in Photoshop for raised graphics in Clo3D

The rubberized graphic logo I created for my IACDE jacket submission was made using a displacement map done in Photoshop. It’s the most basic kind of map and learning how to use maps can be very useful for 3D modeling. I start with a basic graphic and convert it to a png file with a transparent background The I create the displacement map and give it some blur to soften the transition from low toRead More

IACDE 3D Design Symposium

Today was the first International 3D Synod put on by the Nordic and German chapters of the IACDE. We had fascinating presentations from The Fabricant, an amazing digital design house, and from Sophie-Therese Lupas, one of the principals at Studio Lupas, and then breakout sessions where the assignments we had been given to complete were presented. The thing that was most exciting to me was that Browzwear and Alvanon were making their software, training programRead More

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