Discover Artifex: Common Threads Podcast

I was recently contacted by an intriguing young man who wanted to speak with me for his podcast about tailors. I am usually leery of such things because I find most of these kinds of interviews quite dry and formulaic, but when we actually connected to plan for it, I found he was an enthusiastic and passionate person who had spent a few years in Italy learning the craft and meeting some very interesting people,Read More

Lighting Your Renders

I briefly discussed using rim lights in my IACDE project and it was something I wanted to do an in-depth post on. Getting your renders to look great and believable depends a lot on using the same kind of lighting techniques as a photographer would. I have recently been playing with Keyshot, an amazing tool that lets you light a scene the same way you would in a studio. The Samuelsohn scene was done withRead More

Making Displacement Maps in Photoshop for raised graphics in Clo3D

The rubberized graphic logo I created for my IACDE jacket submission was made using a displacement map done in Photoshop. It’s the most basic kind of map and learning how to use maps can be very useful for 3D modeling. I start with a basic graphic and convert it to a png file with a transparent background The I create the displacement map and give it some blur to soften the transition from low toRead More

IACDE 3D Design Symposium

Today was the first International 3D Synod put on by the Nordic and German chapters of the IACDE. We had fascinating presentations from The Fabricant, an amazing digital design house, and from Sophie-Therese Lupas, one of the principals at Studio Lupas, and then breakout sessions where the assignments we had been given to complete were presented. The thing that was most exciting to me was that Browzwear and Alvanon were making their software, training programRead More

Custom horn buttons made with Photoshop and Clo3D

Create custom buttons for Clo3D with Photoshop

Get up close to show beautiful details in your 3D renderings. In this video I walk you through one of the somewhat hidden features of Clo3D, using UV Maps to create custom buttons with Photoshop. I will also look at applying a new material type to achieve sub surface scatter lighting effects for materials like real horn. Get the instruction in the video, and refer back to these steps below later when you forget whatRead More

3Dconnexion spacemouse

Easier mouse navigation control across 3D and CG apps like Blender, Substance and Clo

One thing that got me all messed up when I started using multiple 3D apps is that the mouse button navigation was different from app to app and this can be tough to deal with. I recommend changing some settings to make it easier to navigate and to follow along with my tutorials. Autodesk’s Maya is very widely used in the film industry and many consider it to be an industry standard, so many CGRead More

Modeling a dress in Clo3D

3D vs CGI- Learn the difference and harness the power of both

If you’re reading this post chances are good you’ve been searching the internet for instructions on how to do something in the new 3D fashion software you’ve recently started using. When I first started using 3D design software I thought I could use just one tool to accomplish everything I needed to do. I only use one piece of software for all my patterns and grading, after all. But there came a day that IRead More

A New Chapter- Ultron Goes to the Tailor’s Shop

It’s time to start writing again. I wrote this blog for many years because I was exploring my craft, examining other people’s work, seeking to learn and improve, and to share the journey in case anyone might benefit from what I found. I think at one point I ran out of things to say. But now, a new chapter in the blog. A few years ago I started exploring the world of 3D design andRead More

Zoom Tailoring

“Zoom Tailoring” -noun The work or workmanship of a tailor during Zoom calls. “I had so many conference calls which should have been emails this week that I managed to Zoom tailor my new sport coat draft”. Not to be confused with “Fast Fashion”

Chocolates, Champagne, and Some Good Rum

A friend recently posted a short video on Instagram. It was a view over New York City from a balcony at 7 pm, that time at which New Yorkers take to their windows and, for some, their balconies, to applaud the health care providers, the first responders, as well as the unsung who keep us in food and mail and toilet paper. “I am one of the fortunate few in NY that has the luxuryRead More

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