Sport Sartorial suits for bodybuilders

Sport Sartorial

We took our new collection of Buffery-Flex Uniforms for a preview event at the NPC North Americans Pro Bodybuilding competition and at it we were approached by an IFBB Pro who loved what we were doing and wanted to work with us. He definitely had a honed sense of style and enjoyed fashion, and we thought he had a great look so agreed that we would love to work with him too. On our driveRead More

Buffery- Flex Uniforms

I am married to a former competitive bodybuilder. Buying clothing has always been a problem, so we decided to try to solve it. We started a clothing line on the side. Most products aimed at athletes and bodybuilders take themselves So. Very. Seriously. We didn’t want to do that. We wanted to be a little fun, a little silly, a little snarky, more than a little inspired by the comic book characters that inspired manyRead More