The Last of the Vendon

I bought these four pieces of Vendon by Holland and Sherry back in February and I am just now getting the last of them finished. It’s a great cloth- a robust weave which is normally quite dry but this has a roundness to it and even a nice soft finish. If memory serves, there a few other colors; I may go and see if there are any left to pick from. At the same timeRead More

Holland and Sherry- Vendon

Remember this stuff? I normally prefer smooth finishes or at least a fine, tight weave; coarser weaves seem, rightly or not, somewhat outmoded and more difficult to work with because they fray easily and don’t always take shaping as well. When I first came across this cloth from Holland and Sherry I was a bit skeptical, but it came highly recommended by someone I trust, and had been favorably compared to Minnis’ Fresco by othersRead More