Making Trousers

My copy finally came this week! It’s very common for us in the garment trade to examine garments, analyze their construction and adapt what we find to our industrialized settings; in this excellent book, David Page Coffin has done the same but with the home sewer in mind. Those who have enjoyed the “Look under the hood” series will love this book, as the first chapter is devoted to the same exercise with 11 pairsRead More

The trouser- fitting & completion

If you’re just joining us, back up one post first. We were discussing the ironwork involved in making trousers. David asked what the difference would be between a trousers done with this ironwork and one done without. So the first fitting I sewed the seams straight with no manipulation, no fullness, no stretching, no shrinking, and the result was this. Not a very nice line. The hem is turned up at the bottom so itRead More

Cutting trousers- a cultural divide

We’ve been discussing trousers on the T&C forum & it occurred to me that I haven’t really looked at trousers on my blog. Largely because I feel that there is a lot less room for individual expression and nuance in trousers than in jackets, which I, of all people, should know is not really true. I explain. Working in the RTW industry in Canada gives me an interesting perspective in that I sell garments inRead More