We will be announcing details of the next IACDE 3D summit very soon (the new logo gives a hint about the theme), but in the meantime, a sneak peak of how I made this new logo in Blender and Substance 3D Painter.

IACDE 3D Design Symposium

Today was the first International 3D Synod put on by the Nordic and German chapters of the IACDE. We had fascinating presentations from The Fabricant, an amazing digital design house, and from Sophie-Therese Lupas, one of the principals at Studio Lupas, and then breakout sessions where the assignments we had been given to complete were presented. The thing that was most exciting to me was that Browzwear and Alvanon were making their software, training programRead More

A View Into The Engine Of The Textile Industry

We got some new machines in our factory last week- some state-of-the-art sleeve setting machines from Durkopp-Adler in Germany. Anyone who has ever attempted to hang a tailored sleeve knows it’s probably one of the most difficult jobs, if not the most difficult. These machines are created to help an operator sew in ten to twenty pairs of sleeves PER HOUR. Fancy things, these machines. In a timely coincidence, the German chapter of the InternationalRead More

IACDE Boston 2013 Continued

190 people from around the world attended the four day IACDE event at the Intercontinental Hotel in Boston. Simultaneous translation was a must. We had factory tours of the Jospeh Abboud plant (shown) and the brand-new Southwick/ Brooks Brothers plant. The president of the IACDE, Joachim Hensch of Hugo Boss opened a series of excellent presentations and discussions on e-retailing and digitizing fit. Jessica Murphy, co-founder of True Fit Corporation, explained how their analysis toolsRead More


Just got back from my Boston trip. It was a really great time and I’ll be posting in more detail soon but I thought I’d put up a few pics for now. Lodovico Zandegu from Boglioli, Karen Alberg-Grossman from MR Magazine and me.And before anyone yells at me for wearing a notch lapel tuxedo, my old one doesn’t fit anymore so I had to take one out of stock and we didn’t have any peaksRead More

IACDE World Convention, Boston

The International Association of Clothing Designers and Executives will hold its annual world convention in Boston on May 9 to May 12 at the Intercontinental Hotel. We will be examining e-retailing and pattern design; there will be two factory tours- one of the JA Apparel factory which produces the Joseph Abboud tailored clothing, as well as the Southwick factory which produces for Brooks Brothers. Also featured will be presentations and workshops by representatives from HugoRead More

IACDE in Santiago de Compostela

I just got back from my weekend in Spain and it was a real eye-opener. The men’s tailored clothing industry had better wake up fast and see that the rest of the industry is adapting to a different consumer, one that was being called “generation smartphone” and if we keep on just doing things “the way we have always done them” we will get our butts kicked. Some of the highlights of the trip, otherRead More