Discover Artifex: Common Threads Podcast

I was recently contacted by an intriguing young man who wanted to speak with me for his podcast about tailors. I am usually leery of such things because I find most of these kinds of interviews quite dry and formulaic, but when we actually connected to plan for it, I found he was an enthusiastic and passionate person who had spent a few years in Italy learning the craft and meeting some very interesting people, and who managed, in just a few short years, to develop a fantastic grasp of the Italian language.

He has a blog and a podcast talking to other young (and not so young) people in the trade and it’s worth checking out.

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  1. Thank you for your kind words Jeffery! I can assure you that the pleasure was all mine. Your open mindedness is a refreshing change of pace to that typical of a traditional tailor.
    Whether or not there are boundaries to be broken in the bespoke trade could be heavily debated; either way, you are the cutting edge.

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