9 Replies to “Something New for Next Spring

  1. That has a Sartorial Partenopea silhouette, a quality I like and could very well bring me back to considering Hickey Freeman. Thank you for making this blog.

  2. Once again I'm astounded by your designs anticipating my evolving tastes in tailored clothing! I've long had a vision of a sport coat with no padding and an incredibly close fitted shoulder…of course in my dream the coat has three buttons and is much less fitted through the body and chest. Perhaps I will wait forever!

    Keep up your excellent work!

  3. I like the clean hind arm.
    No messy excess of material like so many British tailors cut.

  4. Very nice work. I've been playing around with this for some time, and a few years ago found that cutting the shoulder onto the back (a la 130 years ago) makes the whole pad elimination process much easier to fit, using either a contemporary pattern or a "fiddleback" cut. The sleeve head also looks great, which is something of a trick, as well. Whatever you did looks great.

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