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  1. That's great! Having been involved myself in the 2010 opening ceremonies I know how much work goes into this event!

  2. congratulation from germany,much work for you, but a great event
    greats from knittingwoman

  3. Hi Jeffery.
    The shears look familiar. Have they, by chance, had been delivered by Nanook? 😉

  4. Thank you, Marysia, helenko and knittingwoman!

    Yes, Il Sarto, those shears should look familiar. Those hands sketching and sewing should also look familiar to anyone who has followed my blog for a while…

  5. That these will be made in the USA(rather than PRC) is an incredibly proud moment- and to know via this blog one of the fine craftsmen responsible for the work is just marvelous. Best to you and all your colleagues. We will watch the ceremonies with much pride from Atlanta.

  6. Hi Jeffery,
    Long time fan, first time commenter. I'm a tailor from London and had the good fortune to be part of the alterations team fitting your creations to the panoply of body shapes within team USA. We had to dissect a few of the jackets to adapt them to some of the wheelchair bound members of the paralympic squad and I noticed there were small straight buttonholes positioned at different places inside the jacket and also under the crest on the out breast. I guessed this had something to do with processes within the factory but having only worked in the glorified sweatshops of London can't work it out.
    More importantly with training being so unevenly provided in the UK you have made an invaluable contribution to my developing the skills that pay the bills and five years after I first encountered your blog it's high time I thanked you.

    Peace & Love

  7. Hi Nathan- thank you for your kind words. I don't envy you that task- alterations for athletes can be a beast! Do you remember the flag-bearer's uniform with the luminescent crests and panels? Their intention was for everybody to have the luminescent details so we had to make buttonholes to pass the wiring through- it was enormously complex. The IOC nixed the idea for the whole team and approved it only for the flag bearer. We had to sew on, remove, and then sew back on the crests 3 times while they went back and forth… what a nightmare!

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