Off Topic but a Little Fun

I originally intended to go work at one of the “atelier tailleur” at the haute couture in Paris; I had studied many of the techniques of the couture and have always found it fascinating, and sometimes I let it bring some whimsy to my work.

This is a recent suit, and when I got it done, I had some material left over. I like detail and accessories but not necessarily over the top, so I used a technique I learned a long time ago and made myself a rose to wear on my lapel out of the left-over suit fabric. Fun, I think.

5 Replies to “Off Topic but a Little Fun

  1. I would love to duplicate that look on a suit of mine. Is the rose difficult to make? How much material is needed?

  2. My name is Julia and live in Argentina. I sew for me and my girls. I came across your blog looking for how to line a jacket (bag lining). Still don´t understand. So after having read some of your articles I´ll stay with my old way of lining, hand made. I finished my black jacket and I embellished it with this beautiful rose. Everybody loved it !!!!
    Thank you for being so generous as to share your skills with others.

  3. I have a technique for rose construction, cut a piece out of the fabric cross grain on the bias in the shape of a rounded segment cigar or zeppelin shaped, stitch and roll, nipping ends with stitches at the bottom press flatten and shape, use wide button hole stitch around leaf shape running up through the middle to form vain. Learned this technique from channel work room

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