22 Replies to “Silliness with Scraps

  1. this, mr d, is beautiful!

    wonderfully crafted, as always, but also very well designed and thought out in terms of block co-ordination between body and sleeve.

  2. The matching of the corners of the pieces is perfect, no doubt this must have been executed very carefully. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Absolutely wonderful. Keep the coffee streaming. I really, really like it very much.

    (although I wouldn't have picked these buttons. I agree with the anonymous poster. A bit darker perhaps).

  4. Love this! I've been thinking of doing something similar on a vest to use up suiting scraps from my other projects but haven't gotten around to it yet, though I have made a few pillows using a variety of suit selvage stripes. I have a soft spot for tasteful patchwork; splendid balance of color and proportion!

  5. Hi Jeffrey,
    Looking at this coat, the cut seems different to those you were showing a couple of years ago. Less shoulder and, is there even some drape in the back? Or is it just an optical trick from the patches? By the way, did you ever experiment along the lines of the Colin Harvey coat you disected?

  6. Rob-

    I never cut two coats exactly the same way- I am always experimenting with new things and you are right- I have been making stuff with less shoulder, and I have always used a tiny bit of drape in the blade. In fact, it's funny you should mention that because I have been looking for a good cloth to do a nice, strong-shouldered, CH-inspired DB lately. I want a chalk stripe but it has to be more fluid than English cloth tends to be. I've got a piece on its way from Minnis but I'm not sure if it will be a DB or another SB 3-piece. We'll see when it gets here.


  7. magnificent! it's like the wool is floating in air molding your body in a perfect way! what a wonderful cut! could you tell us what drafting system you are using. your sleeves are so perfect it look like it has been molded to your arms.

    eugenio hk

  8. Hi J,

    i love it it look like very modern but manly!
    i have a question regarding buttons:
    how do i choose the perfect button for a suit.
    could you reccomend to us what's the best buttons to use in suit? do you have any preference supplier and where can we get this?

    Thanks in advance!

  9. Anonymous- I get my buttons through wholesale suppliers that don't sell to the public so I'm not sure where to send you. Button choice is very personal- I like to use real horn and mother of pearl.


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