The very last of the vendon

This time I mean it.

So I had some scraps. And maybe a bit too much coffee.


I don’t like most of what Thom Browne does, but I understand why he does it. And all those guys who you see in the Sartorialist’s Pitti photos. It’s not that we’re trying to get photographed (ok maybe some are). It’s just that those of us who are surrounded by grey and navy suits day in, and day out, who deal with them all day at work, who already have a closet full of grey and navy suits and when it is time to make something new for this season the thought of making yet another grey or navy suit, well, just yyyaaaaaawwwwwwnnnnnn. It takes something a little more unusual to excite me these days. I mean, how many professional musicians walk around with the Four Seasons or Pachelbel’s canon in their iPods? They’re more likely to have Arvo Part or Meredith Monk, or something most non-musicians won’t get because I-IV-V-I has become as mind-numbing to them as the charcoal suit is to me.

Or maybe I’ve just had too much coffee.

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  1. Cool. It's a novelty suit, but it's going to be beautifully made, and it's made from scraps, not huge pieces of brand new fabric that you cut up, as do quilters.

    I saw an FIT student exhibit that featured a tailored women's suit made from crazy quilted material, but the wool fabric was exquisite, the embroidery was gorgeous, and the color palette was something sophisticated, like brown and black.

    I hope to make something like it some day.

  2. Apologies for finding this thread a bit late . . .

    You do realize that Arvo Part's music is mind numbing in its own fascinating way, don't you? Kinda like another well-made charcoal suit . . . you appreciate it, you might even be drawn to it, but it'll never excite you.

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