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“Many hands make light work.”


Signing up helps us direct resources where they’re needed most, avoid duplicating effort, and identify locations that are nearby and safe for you to get to. Also, this way we know who to thank! ?

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YWCA (Rochester, NY) - 150 Masks Needed

Event Chair: Ruth Rappaport-Kristal


We could use 100 or more (150) masks, as we would like to distribute them to all the women and families that we serve at the YWCA. We do not have specific requirements, although it would be great if they were all washable, as I assume they will be.

We house over 100 at our facility on Bittner St. We offer emergency housing, for families, a supportive living program for women in recovery from substance abuse, and long term housing as well. It is nearly impossible with so many people living in such close quarters to observe social distancing. We are all trying our hardest to avoid the virus coming into the building! These masks would be a huge help with that effort.

If you are interested in learning more about who we are and what we do, please check out our website- www.ywcarochester.org

Dropoff Location: 40 Bittner St. Rochester, NY 14604

For donor safety and the safety of our participants, donations will be accepted inside our secure front door vestibule at 40 Bittner Street. Please use the intercom to notify reception staff that a donation was delivered. Thank you!

Bundle of 10 Face Masks
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Bundle of 10 Face Masks
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Bundle of 10 Face Masks
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? Does your organization need masks or do you know of an organization that does (anywhere in the US)? Or do you or your organization want to contribute in ways other than sewing masks? Let us know by using this form here: Contact Us

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  1. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong -but I’m just trying to sign up for 10 masks for CDS (I already made 10 and dropped them off for URMC)….it just keeps asking if I want to ‘clear’ my last signup and I cant seem to sign up for CDS.

    1. Only offer what you are willing and able to donate! And that’s after you’ve made masks for yourself and your household.

      Our initial plan was, indeed, to provide all of the materials but then all of our shipments were either blocked or seized and never made it across state lines to us. We’re left scrambling with what we can find from leftover projects. If you don’t have elastic (as it’s now sold out basically EVERYWHERE), you can cut fabric into strips and sew them into ties. People often prefer the ties because you get a better, more secure fit and it’s way more comfortable.

    1. That’s most excellent! The peace of mind and security you’re offering the people wearing the masks and those they encounter is immeasurable.

      No, please leave it for the record. You only clear it if you cannot fulfill your commitment.

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