We’re Back! (After We Flattened Our Curve)

flatten the curve chart

In response to the most recent guidance from the CDC (Apr 3, 2020) suggesting EVERYONE wear a “cloth face covering” (face mask), we are reactivating our project. (We had suspended the project once FEMA got involved and reactivated professional manufacturing facilities.) However, masks were already in short supply and this announcement only increases demand on that limited supply. We can all help by increasing the supply of masks. 

Our medical personnel are having their immediate needs met through actions by FEMA and local, domestic manufacturing facilities. (You’ve probably seen them in the news.) Secondary, vulnerable communities like nursing homes and retirement centers and shelters, unfortunately, still have a huge need that’s largely going unfulfilled. We will be gathering and distributing donated face masks for them.

We will also be sharing patterns, sources of materials, and Best Practice guidelines to make masks that are as effective and functional as possible for you and your family to wear. While you may also choose to sell the finished product, we will share the instructions on here for free.

What is next?

  1. Make your own face mask following Best Practice guidelines (using our FREE original mask sewing pattern) first for yourself, then your family – Mask Making Instructions & Pattern here
  2. Volunteer to help make extra masks (for the elderly and other vulnerable communities) – Sign up here
  3. Stay informed and get notified of additional mask sewing information – Subscribe to our mailing list here
Panels from movie Princess Bride between the Giant and Pirate Roberts discussing the pirate's wearing of a mask. The pirate at the end says he wears a mask because they're extremely comfortable and thinks "everyone will be wearing them in the future."
“Everyone will be wearing [masks] in the future.”

2 Replies to “We’re Back! (After We Flattened Our Curve)

  1. The question about sewing preferences should have an “all of the above”. I am happy to volunteer now and after the corona virus and I might be interested in getting paid for some other possibilities………………???
    We have no idea how pandemic will effect our future. As a retired person with a life time interest in sewing I want to be open to whatever the future might be.
    Thank you for opening up this project again. I was happy to hear HF workers were called back to work but disappointed that the project didn’t go through as planned initially.

    1. Thanks for helping! You make an excellent point and I’ll add that Future option in. Between you and me, after this is all over (if it ever will be?) I was going to post a questionnaire to see what people would like to do next. But good on you for thinking ahead – we need more of that these days!

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