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  1. I am a quilter and costume designer/ maker and also a nurse practitioner. Would love to help make the masks. Just need to find out how to sign up!

    1. I worked at a clothing store when I was younger. I did the alterations on trousers. Inseams and waists. I have a sewing machine.

    2. I have a sewing machine, but no serger. Have a “non-essential” retail shop (The Creator’s Hands) that is presently closed, so I would set up there, rather than my home where I’d have trouble keeping my cats away. Would love to do this several hours per day as needed.

  2. I’ve made some with inside pocket to insert mini pads or filter
    U tube has lotsa ideas

  3. Vicki in Nebraska would like to join your sewers. Have friends to help also.

  4. I am an accomplished dressmaker and want to help. I have a convential home sewing machine but no serger.
    I will await further instructions.

  5. Doug, I’m a Regent for the Canandaigua Chapter, National Society Daughters of American Revolution… We have award winning quilters and sewers which I can distribute the patterns to thru our eblast program. All we need is the pattern and what type of material.

  6. My parents were both tailor and seamstress for hickey freeman for over 30 years. They said they want to help. They have machines at home but no serger
    Thanks Janet Schaller

    My parents names:
    Giorgio and Joanne Giuliano

  7. Both my mother (breast cancer survivor) and I (an older sister to a nurse), are willing and able to sew! I learned at a very young age how to sew by mom (who worked in a sewing factory in South Korea at a very young age!) We are more than anxious to help out for a cause! We both have our own machines! How can we sign up?!!!

  8. Sew Anything! Costumes to Upholstery. Unlimited Design Skills. Own Three Machines (two Husqvarna; one is quilter, no serger). Living in Richmond, VA from Syracuse, NY.

    This afternoon I mentioned my desire to sew some masks for my friend who is Fireman/Hazmat/EMS….he sent me this link within an hour!!

  9. I’ll be happy to donate my skills to help our country. I’m a very experienced sewer & quilter and do not want compensation. Just want to help.

  10. I have a reliable machine that’s sturdy, sew through tough stuff. I want to sew!

  11. I have a sewing machine and know how to sew. I’m a retired Probation Officer and would like to help out.

  12. I’m a seamstress I can help make some. Not sure what I need. Sign me up. I know others that can also help.

  13. I sew. We have a tack/saddle repair business in Avon NY. We have industrial sewing machines, juki walking foot. We would love to help.

  14. I have a sewing machine and many years of sewing experience. I would like to be involved.

  15. I have a Textiles background, able to design and use patterns, assemble garments, i have quilted and reupholstered furniture

  16. I have a sewing machine and would love to help out, thanks for doing this!

  17. Worked at Hickey Freeman in 1961, have a Singer sewing machine, will love to help with making the masks. No serger.

  18. I have a background as a costume mistress (Draper Dance Theater before it became the Rochester City Ballet), a working sewing machine, and time. I’d love to assist!

  19. I’ve sold for my family since I was very young. I know many quilters that I can get together to help with this as well. We are in the Greece, Rochester New York area. Ready and able to help.

  20. Do you need help with distribution of supplies? I am the operations manager at a company for business supplies and our distribution partner has the capability of shipping very quickly anywhere.

    I also signed up to sew from home.

    1. Nadean, thank you very much for your offer. That is the next action to be taken – we’re struggling to source medical grade material, enough to meet the demand, and get it here. Once here we’ll cut and parcel up the components and deliver it to sewer/operators to assemble.

      I’ll message you privately to discuss further. =)

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