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  1. So you do not always you the same colour gimp and twist for a buttonhole? Would grey gimp make the buttonholes look too dark?

  2. Out of curiosity (and since it came up on the C&T):

    Are these Italian, Canadian or American (US) buttonholes?


  3. Wow. Gorgeous buttonholes. What and where do you find it, do you use for these? I can get into NYC, so if you know a place please let me know.

  4. Interesting… these buttonholes are not gimped. Is it because the twist is nice and thick?

    Looks gorgeous, love the cloth. Canucks make some nice stuff!

  5. Alexander- I only use five shades of gimp, and normally I would have used light grey for these but I couldn't find the spool. The stitches are so tight, though, that you don't see the gimp so it doesn't really matter that much.

    SG- I have only ever seen Americans use size 10 thread so I would have to say these are American lol

    Nicholas- thank you.

    Kathy- Thanks. There is a post somewhere on this blog that discusses the different types of threads and gimps. Oshmann Brothers in NYC sells it, as do B Black and Ely Yawitz.

    Anonymous- Thanks, and yes, the thread is thick, but they are also gimped- see the tail of beige gimp sticking out of the last one?

  6. Hi Jeffery, this is a little off-topic, but I can't find the answer to my question anywhere and I can't move forward on my current project without it. I figured either you or one of your excellent commenters would know.

    I'm currently drafting a vest from The Modern Tailor Outiftter and Clothier Vol. 1, and it gives example measurements for all the drafts. And in all of them, across several chapters, the across chest measurement (scye to scye) is 8-9". That can't be right. No-one has a chest that small. What should I do?

  7. hello jeffery,

    lately i've been seeing quite a few suits with five buttons on their cuffs… would you happen to know its origins? and would you say that they add or take away from a suit?

  8. Anonymous- it's been done before, mainly by fashion labels, but ever since Tom Ford started doing it, many more have followed suit. I prefer 4 only because that's what I'm used to seeing but I don't think five adds or takes much away. It's just a button.


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