Chocolates, Champagne, and Some Good Rum

A friend recently posted a short video on Instagram. It was a view over New York City from a balcony at 7 pm, that time at which New Yorkers take to their windows and, for some, their balconies, to applaud the health care providers, the first responders, as well as the unsung who keep us in food and mail and toilet paper. “I am one of the fortunate few in NY that has the luxuryRead More

PPE Supplies: There Needs to be a Better Way

Imagine a world in which restaurants could produce meals so cheaply that people didn’t bother to cook at home anymore. That people no longer owned refrigerators. Or ovens or stoves or even pots and pans. Where people no longer even knew how to cook. That’s a bit like the state of American manufacturing. We get everything from overseas. And then imagine something occurred to force all the restaurants to close. How would we eat? WeRead More

Jeffery measuring a sample face mask

Can You Sew from Home?

Got a sewing machine? Got a serger? We need your to help fight the virus! We just left a meeting with Rochester General Hospital about making our front line doctors and nurses face masks and hospital gowns. We can’t reopen the factory for safety reasons so we need home sewers – you! We’re in the process of sourcing raw materials, drafting contracts, and putting together our game plan. I’ve established a website to serve asRead More