Can You Sew from Home?

Jeffery measuring a sample face mask

Got a sewing machine? Got a serger? We need your to help fight the virus! We just left a meeting with Rochester General Hospital about making our front line doctors and nurses face masks and hospital gowns. We can’t reopen the factory for safety reasons so we need home sewers – you!

We’re in the process of sourcing raw materials, drafting contracts, and putting together our game plan. I’ve established a website to serve as our hub where patterns and video instructions will be posted at

If you would like to sign up to sew, please fill out the form here:

I will give more information as I get it.

This is quickly expanding into a national effort coordinated out of Rochester, NY.


10 Replies to “Can You Sew from Home?

  1. I am interested in making masks to donate to local hospitals. Could you send me the pattern and directions. Thank you, Judy Soscia

  2. I’m not in Rochester, I don’t sew and I don’t have a machine. I can probably solve the last two issues. Or I can just spread the word in Madison, WI if that helps your cause. This is a great project, happy to help in any way I can.

  3. Hi I have a sewing machine that I used when I was in the drycleaning business. I might be able to help making mask and gowns…..

  4. I have a sewing machine as well as a hand held sewer I really want to help out but in need of materials. I take care of my brother who is quadriplegic on a ventilator, we really need these for our home due to many different nurses and family in contact with him. Me, my daughter and son are ready to sew.

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