8 Replies to “Shears are almost here

  1. Oh gosh, I hadn't realized there may be some available….
    So stunningly beautiful. Oh Jeffery in your hands they will create perfection……enjoy!!

  2. Hello, Jeffery. What a wonderful blog! (I just ran across it — but not with scissors in my hands.) I purchased a set of Italian shears and scissors — made by Gingher. How do they compare and should I consider upgrading? Happy slicing!

  3. Hi Jeffery,
    I e mailed immediately, and am waiting to see if there are any left for sale………………….fingers and toes crossed!!
    Thank you for letting us know.

  4. What a work of art. Kudos to the workmen who crafted such a fine instrument. I can only imagine the hand as they slip through a piece of superfine wool.

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