16 Replies to “Just Something I Made Recently

  1. Fabulous jacket, with three minor quibbles on the rest of the outfit:

    1. Most style guides say to winged collars only for white tie dress. Would wear a spread collar shirt with this jacket.

    2. The vest is cut too high and covers most of the shirt. Would opt either for: a) a cummerbund and no vest or b) a scooped u-shaped vest that would be much less visible behind the jacket and show more shirt.

    3. Can't tell if it's the photo angle or not, but your right shirt cuff seems longer–or jacket cuff shorter–than those on the left.

  2. divine tailoring skills, but certainly point 2 as Marysia says is de rigeur, and I would be sorely tempted to rework the jacket collar in a sassy colour…perhaps a smokey aubergine

  3. How did you find working with this material? It doesn’t look easy for stretching and shrinking yet the shape looks great. I notice an American “flavour” with the low rope in the sleeve head but I feel people should take pride in their country’s tailoring style! It’s a fun jacket.

  4. Is the little cardboard house in the background for a cat? Because only the most sybarite of pets should accompany the wearer of this splendid jacket:)

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